Sunday, April 13, 2014

Elephant Crap Guy

I don't know what it is or why it is.  For my ENTIRE adult life I have always been the guy that everyone needs to do the things that NOBODY else wants to touch.  Yet, either because I am 'that' guy or something else about me I am also the guy that NOBODY wants to see, talk, or interact with on a regular basis or for more than a few minutes.

This was especially evident in my military career.  I was always given the assignments nobody else wanted to go anywhere near and was often shunned by my peers, superiors (who if you have never served are the ones that are supposed to teach, guide, and mentor you).  My subordinates always wanted to be near me but that was largely a need to suck up.

Maybe it is like in the movie "A bridge too far" when the lowly british intelligence officer tells the tells his general that there are tanks in Arnhem and that the paratroops would get slaughtered if they went in.  The generals response to lift the spirits of the dejected officer after being told what he found will not change the operation and that nobody will listen to him about the tanks is "don't worry about what anyone else thinks of you, you are a great deal smarter than the rest of us and frankly it makes us nervous".  I would like to think that is me but I am not that arrogant to think I am the smartest man in the room wherever I go.

I think maybe it is that I can't seem persuade people by convincingly articulating my logic and reasons for why I see things the way I do.  Often I can't explain it and I am ignored or banished.  Then in the midst of executing a bad plan and after lots of mistakes are made somebody I TALKED with comes up with some brilliant plan/idea (usually the one I was attempting to bring to light) that works and everyone cheers that individual for his insight.  I remember once telling the Colonel that his plan wouldn't work and why and that we should execute the mission a different way, which I laid out in detail, and he shot me down.  Then when the plan failed and he did it the way I told him too and everything worked out I made the mistake of telling him "I told you so", he never talked to me again and I was banished to a place he wouldn't have to see or talk with me until it was time for me to move onto my next assignment.

So I have always been the guy to clean up the huge piles of 'elephant crap' because people don't want to see or smell it when they go to the circus.  So because I smell of the crap or because I represent the thing that nobody wants to deal with or acknowledge I get banished, out of sight out of mind.

Its lonely out here and I feel deeply unappreciated for all the crap I have had to do, especially since it was crap nobody else would.  Yet I watched my peers do all the things I wanted to and get acknowledged for their 'great' work knowing all the time that some of them were just absolute morons but because they were 'yes' men they got the things that I desired.

So yes today I am feeling less than satisfied at they way my life turned out and that I never got to fulfill my dreams.  Especially when I was so close and saw others achieving them right in front of me all the while knowing that some of them were undeserving of them.  Now those dreams are forever beyond my grasp, so what are my new dreams?  I don't have any, and that is just as a crushing disappointment as failing to achieve my old dreams.  Which means I have nothing to look forward to, nothing to strive for.  So what does a man do?  I don't know, I just exist and move through each new day.


Friday, April 11, 2014

I am a meat popsicle so SMOKE YOU

This is what you can expect in the future here in America if we don't stand up and stop the continued erosion of our God given rights.  You will not be safe in your own homes and if you fail to comply with their commands you will be bagged, taken away, and never seen again.

Not what I believe our founding fathers had in mind.

MAJ Wolf

Friday, April 4, 2014

Recipes for DISASTER

I have a feeling these idiots are just as dangerous without the firearms.

A little levity for your day

I originally found this at The Lonely Libertarian and couldn't resist sharing it here.  Thanks Angel, I laughed like an idiot while watching this.

MAJ Wolf

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Communist States of America

I found this post through III Percent website and thought it worth posting a link to.  It is a good read and should shed more light on the corruption of the society our founding fathers established.

Read it here.

MAJ Wolf

Monday, March 31, 2014


I am going are you?  If so I look forward to meeting you in person.  If not, why not?  Life will always get in the way but you have to make the time because it is worth it.

Hopefully I will see you there.


MAJ Wolf

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Corrupt Government

The United States Government is full of corruption.  At the Federal, State, County, and City levels you can find corruption.  I find this disturbing and discouraging.  How did we let this happen?

Abraham Lincoln said during his famous speech at Gettysburg that "government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish from this earth."  Now he was referring to the soldiers that gave their lives at Gettysburg and what they had done to preserve what the founding fathers had set in place with our Representative Republic.  Now I admire Lincoln for his ability to think Strategically and force into submission the Confederate States if not the reasons behind it but I will get into that later.

I want to focus on the quoted line above, "a government OF the people, BY the people, FOR the people."  Those that have been elected to represent the masses in the United States have forgotten that they are in their positions to represent THE PEOPLE.  It makes me sad and discouraged to realize that the exception when it comes to our elected representatives is not the ones that are corrupt but rather the ones that are not.  Let me make this perfectly clear, there are more corrupt government officials than there are honest ones in my opinion and observations.

This country is NOT a Democracy, it is a REPRESENTATIVE REPUBLIC.  Here is the difference, a Republic is a representative government ruled by the law (the Constitution) while a Democracy is a government ruled by the majority.  As I sit here and think about those differences I wonder when we as a nation went from a Republic to a Democracy.  It breaks my heart to realize that whichever party is in the majority has the ability to dictate their beliefs on We the People.  This is not what our founding fathers put in place over 200 years ago, so when did it change?

In observing our elected representatives I see a common thread with ALL of them.  They are not interested in what is right or wrong, what the people they are sent forward to represent want or need.  No, they are only interested in amassing more authority and power for themselves.  Hence my reference to Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg address of a government made up from common citizens working for common citizens.

Now to go back to my earlier comment about Abraham Lincoln being a Strategic Thinking and planner forcing the Southern States into submission.  If you remember your history the Northern States had all the industry to take the raw product from the South (cotton) and manufacture it into usable goods which were then sold to Europe and the rest of the world.  The South believed that the prices for the cotton they were growing was insufficient for what the North was getting as profit from the finished goods.  So the South was going to eliminate the North by selling its cotton directly to Europe and the rest of the world.  Obviously the North didn't take kindly to that idea as it was the sole means of income for just about everyone in those states.

Now Lincoln knew he couldn't defeat the Confederate States in a straight up army to army fight.  He didn't have the numbers or the resources the South did and it was only a matter of time before the South would defeat the North so he needed to divide the resources and forces of the south and open a second front for the South to fight.  So looking at the demographics of the South, Lincoln realized that if he freed the slaves with the Emancipation Proclamation that this would give him the second front he needed.  Without the slaves then the South would be unable to continue to produce cotton and would loose its means to pay for the war with the North.  It would also divert the South's soldiers to hunt down the run away slaves as well as recruit those slaves to fight for the North.  It was a brilliant plan and worked well for Lincoln.  The Emancipation Proclamation was never about ending the injustice of slavery but all about destroying the South's ability to wage war against the North.  Lincoln had planned to ship all the slaves back to Africa after the war but still needed them to rebuild not only the South and its ability to produce cotton but also to rebuild the American economy.  Lincoln never saw slaves as human beings or he would have given the slaves the rights they didn't get until Martin Luther King pushed for nearly 100 years later.

If you need further evidence just what a tyrant Lincoln was below is a video from Judge Napolitano on just how often Lincoln violated the Constitution.

Abraham Lincoln the treasonous TYRANT

History lesson over.

Herein lies my internal disappointment with our Government today.  Unless We the People in mass change our current system, and by that I mean get rid of the career politicians and set limits for all future ones, we will continue to live in a Democracy in which the ruling class (AKA politicians) have the ability to dictate our freedoms and liberties.  I see our freedoms and liberties being eroded everyday by these corrupt politicians.  All of them with very few exceptions have sold their souls and our liberties to special interest groups, lobbyists, and corporations.

We the People are now all slaves.

MAJ Wolf

Monday, March 17, 2014

0bama doing more damage that Bin Laden ever could

Osama Bin Laden's goal was not to just kill thousands of Americans, it was to strike at the true power of America...its wealth.  Bin Laden knew that to deeply hurt America and prevent its interference with a world wide jihad was to cripple our economy.  I have heard too often from influential people that money was the primary and single point of failure for any mission.  Can't do that because we don't have the money.  Can't do this because it isn't what Congress allocated the money for.

In my military experience I can't recall a single meeting for an operation or training event that didn't talk about budgets and restrictions on what that money could and could not be spent on.  Bin Laden obviously knew this and that is why the twin towers in New York were the target for him and his ilk for decades.  The first attack against the world trade center buildings took place on Feb 26, 1993.  The goal then was to detonate a van full of explosives in the parking garage next to one of the support columns in the hope it would collapse the entire building.

Now 0bama is finishing the job Bin Laden started by bankrupting this country.  He is doing this by pissing away every dollar that he can steal.  The day 0bama took office, Jan 20, 2009, the deficit was 10.6 Trillion dollars and today as I write this (Mar 20, 2014) it stands at 17.6 Trillion Dollars.  In 5 years and 3 months the US Debt has risen 7 Trillion dollars, that is an average of 111 Billion dollars per month.  At that rate on Jan 20, 2017 when 0bama leaves office the US Debt will be 21.6 Trillion dollars.  That is DOUBLE when 0bama took office.  I know and understand Congress establishes the budget every year but the responsibility still is on the President of the United States.  The buck stops at his desk.  He signs it and lets face it, he has been given Cart Blanche when it comes to Congress.  All he has to do is mention something and his minions execute it like the lemmings they are.  So in my mind, 0bama has spent more money than all other Presidents combined.

What do we as a society have to show for this astronomical spending spree?  An brand new modern power grid?  New interstate highway system?  New laser guns for every soldier, sailor, and marine in our military?  NO!  All I see is a stronger and larger Free Shit Army demanding even more free stuff. More countries around the world hating us even though we are giving them more money than ever before.  WTF!  This is unacceptable and must be stopped.

So in my opinion, Barrack Hussein Obama has done more damage to this country then if we had simply opened the borders and let Osama Bin Laden walk in with his minions and start open warfare on US soil.

MAJ Wolf

Saturday, March 1, 2014

The demise of America

I can NOT be the only person that sees the slow death of the great country I call home.  I do not see the death of America as slowing but actually accelerating.  Now I am not referring to an overnight declaration of martial law and the subsequent uprising of the American Patriot, no that would be too easy.  The Socialists in this country recognize that too and that is why they are playing the long game.

That long game moves at a glacial pace and because it is so slow and insidious MOST American citizens ignore it because lets face it, unless it had a drastic affect on their day to day lives they are apathetic towards it.  Here are the signs that I see:

1 - The U.S. tells the world and specifically Russia that military intervention in the Ukraine would be met with "dire consequences."  What happens?  The very next day Russia invades because it knows Obozo has no back bone.  Other countries recognize this and see it as an opportunity to do the same (Iran, North Korea, China, etc).

2 - Connecticut passes a law in the middle of the night requiring rifles with certain aspects and 'high capacity' magazines be registered or it becomes a felony.  The last time I bought a rifle I had to fill out a bunch of paper work and pass a back ground check, to me it is registered at that point.  As far as the magazines go, that is a non-issue and is non of their business.

3 - Common core is meant to stupefy the next generation making them easier to control, enough said.

4 - The lack of immigration enforcement allows more and more people to come here illegally and disappear into the wood work.  Don't misinterpret me on this one, I am all for people wanting to come here and make a better life for their families but that doesn't mean that they get free stuff.  They want to come here then they have to contribute to society, learn English, respect our traditions, and not be a criminal from another country.

5 - Obamacare, a.k.a. Socialized medicine.

I could go on and on but I think you get the idea.  The United States is at a tipping point and I fear it may be past that critical angle which there is no coming back from.  There are too many leeches dependent on BIG government and there are more every day.  All those leeches vote to keep the Socialists in positions of authority so the free shit keeps coming.

Here is my nightmare scenario.  The Free Shit Army (FSA) continues to grow and vote the socialists in longer and longer.  Taking more and more from those of us working to earn our way.  At some point the workers can't supply enough to the FSA and then the FSA will riot and go out and take everything that isn't nailed down.  That is when the Socialists will go behind their reinforced walls with all the riches they have pilfered over the years leaving behind the mess they made.  Crime will be astronomical and unchecked.

This is the scenario I am preparing.  I live in the deep north within a bastion of the FSA territory.  While I am outnumbered I believe that I must survive one winter and then most of the FSA in my area will die off from starvation and the cold.  That is when I will come out of my little hide hole.  At that point I must fight off the strong FSA that has managed to survive but at least I won't be over run by simple numbers.

I pray everyday that the 3% of citizens organize and remove the socialists from the hierarchy so this country can survive.  Otherwise it is going to be an ugly winter to endure.

MAJ Wolf

Friday, February 28, 2014

Connecticut - Birthplace of the second American Revolution?

As you most likely know there is a real shit storm brewing in Connecticut.  After the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary the Connecticut State Government in acted some absolute Draconian gun laws.  One of those laws passed in the dead of night when no one was watching was the MANDATORY registration of semi-automatic rifles and 'high capacity' magazines.  Now I don't know what they consider 'high capacity' and I don't want to know simply because I am sure it is as ass-a-nine as the rest of the laws that got passed.

Any law restricting a law abiding citizens ability to own a firearm in my opinion is unconstitutional and illegal therefor should be ignored.  I can already hear the gun control freaks saying things like "you don't need a tank or a rocket propelled grenade so why should you have an assault rifle?"  Obviously these rifles aren't assault rifles but attempting to educate the typical liberal twat-waffle about the topic is impossible because they are so closed minded to anyone that doesn't immediately agree with them.  I would have more luck teaching my dog to cook then get one of these loons to listen and engage in an intelligent conversation.

I see thousands of people in Connecticut who have refused to register their weapons in protest of these laws and the state retaliating by threatening them with felonies and to come to their houses to confiscate and imprison the owners of the weapons.  If these bureaucrats follow through with their threats I hope to God the people stand up to them and meet force with force.  I fear this may not happen simply because the people will not ban together in greater numbers than those who will come for them.  I fear that it will take several incidents of LEO violating peoples rights and a lot of people to getting hurt if not killed before the shit really hits the fan.  When it does hit the fan I see Holder and Obozo sending in more people to assist the state in carrying out this illegal seizure of weapons.

I hope the state backs down and the citizens stand up to get rid of these assholes and restore our Representative Republic.  If not I fear Connecticut will be the first state to fall quickly followed by New York and California.  Before you realize it, most likely before the NOV elections, most states will follow suite and confiscate the weapons from the citizens so Socialism can really bloom and the U.S. falls.

This is my fear, and God I hope and pray I am wrong.

MAJ Wolf