Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Dead Wood

I have been reflecting lately on the direction my country is heading and what it means for my children and I am afraid.  I am afraid that my children and myself in a few short years will be living in the Socialist States of America.  Here is why I think this way.  According to Chart 3 is from the Government Accounting Office Fiscal Year 2012 Financial Report of the US Government (below) 45% of what our government spends every is toward unemployment and those on social security, so when you hear that Defense spending is the program that has to be cut remember that it is the smallest of the three.  The bulk of Health and Human Services and Social Security Administration costs come from major social insurance and postemployment benefits programs (e.g., Medicare for HHS, and Social Security for SSA).

Now I want to be clear on the Social Security point, I am a staunch believer in those who worked their entire lives putting into the social security program and are now in their late 60’s and beyond are entitled to what they are receiving every month.  No, I am talking about the lazy SOB’s that Obozo and his cronies have placed on social security disability that can work but choose not to.  See, my theory is that Obozo and his cronies hate what the founding fathers established in this country and it has been their goal to change my country into another USSR (the Socialist States of America).

These jackasses have been adding undeserving people to the social security disability program for years.  Why?  So they can create a large pool of lazy unmotivated leeches that will keep them in positions of authority.  Obozo has no intentions of creating jobs and his henchmen and women have been manipulating the statistics to hide this crippling move on our economy.  We always hear from the lame stream liars in the media that unemployment is at around 7 to 8 percent of the work force, that is a lie.  You see they are manipulating the numbers of who gets included in that percentage to keep it at that percentage.  They don’t include people that have stopped looking for work and the such.  Then they add the number of jobs “created” but never subtract the number of jobs lost, this keeps the number from jumping to actually represent what part of the workforce is not working.  In my very simple world you take the number of people who can work and divide it by the number of people who are looking for work and that is the unemployment rate in this country.  If I had to guess it would be more like 17% unemployment.

Here is another way that Obozo and his socialist buddies have been hiding their war against America.  They have been adding millions of people to social security disability.  I have talked with more than one person that has worked for the Social Security Administration and have heard similar tales from all of them.  The people I have talked with have seen people that could work but won’t because they are getting more money from the system than they could earn with a 40 hour a week job.  Where is the incentive to work and be a productive member of society if you are always getting more money for doing nothing than going out into society and producing a product or service for the community? 

This is how the USSR fell apart, people being given everything by big federal government and no incentive to better themselves or the community they lived in.  That is what Obozo and the liberal democrats are working to change our CAPITALISTIC society into, a SOCIALIST one; and they are succeeding.  Before they can fully implement their plan they first need to disarm those of us who can think for ourselves and pose a threat to their plan.  That is why they are ALWAYS looking to take away our 2nd amendment rights.  They can’t achieve the socialist objective if they have to contend with an armed revolt.

Now what really makes me fear for my children’s future prosperity in this country is that the unchecked spending to continue to support these lazy people leeching off the system.  The numbers of these leeches is growing every day because of the liberal ass hats in Washington.  If we were to continue with these programs the interest on the national debt will bankrupt our economy in the future just like it did in Greece, see chart below.

Here is the bottom line in my entire rant, our social welfare system (unemployment and social security) needs to be audited for the MILLIONS who do NOT deserve to be on these programs.  These programs are currently being used to give free rides to undeserving people and we can solve our deficit spending by leaning these programs down by eliminating the dead wood leeching off the system.  I am not heartless and believe in helping those less fortunate and down on their luck but that generosity has limits and mine has been exceeded.

MAJ Wolf

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