Friday, January 11, 2013

Political Correctness run amok

Once again I find myself looking at the political scenery and wonder “what the hell are they thinking?”  The representatives of the American people in Washington D.C. are obviously unhinged.  From my perspective it appears to me that these people believe the can legislate into reality morality and decency.  I guess the thought never occurred to them that they are the ones that promoted and pushed our society into its current state of debauchery.
I believe that the current state of our society is due to the political correctness era which started during the dark time of the Clinton Presidency.  In case you didn’t know or have forgotten Slick Willy despised this country.  He ordered that no US military would be in uniform while at the White House.  He decreed the “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” policy because he couldn’t get his liberal agenda for gays supported at the time.  You see all political correctness has its roots in Marxism, yes you read that right, MARXISM.  The liberal left in this country have been slowly eroding away the foundation of this great nation to make it more of a Marxist/Socialist state, which is their agenda and goal.
Of course the people driving this movement (Obama, Clinton, Reid, Pelosi, Boxer, Durbin, Levin Soros) want to force it on everyone in this country while they continue to place themselves above it.  These hypocrites want all Americans to live in the same type of house, make the same amount of money, be completely interchangeable while they live by a completely separate set of rules.  They all live in large mansions and make more money than 99% of the rest of the US citizens.  They all believe that they are ENTITLED these perks while We The People are just subjects to be ruled and looked down upon.
Now comes the next step in the Marxist/Socialist plan, DISARM the public.  This is a crucial step to establishing their dictatorship over America because if we cannot equally meet the force they will use to oppress us they can do whatever they want.  This is what Stalin, Hitler, Castro, Idi Amin, and Mao Tse-tung did before they declared themselves their countries dictators.
Problem is that most Americans have become complacent and sucked into the liberal lefts clutches with the welfare system and other freebies.  I don’t see the good old American ingenuity and drive for success anymore, all I see are lazy people demanding more free stuff.  These people have grown up in a society that give them trophies for participation, never having to try out for a team and been told they just weren’t good enough and to practice more.  This type of behavior has undermined the old ‘hard work is rewarded’ ethic that previous generations of Americans fostered in this country and now we have a generation of people that are little birds, sit back and expect life’s necessities to be dropped into their mouths.  Little birds don’t see momma bird hunting for the food and sacrificing their own hunger to ensure their little birds have what they need to survive.  Except this generation of little birds have gone beyond what is necessary to survive and now demand the luxuries in life they see hard working people earning.  This generation of little birds was never kicked out of the nest and forced to fend for themselves and now they are breeding endlessly and destroying the very fabric of what this country has worked for in the first 217 years.  It has only been 20 years since the dark days of the Clinton administration and in that time an entire generation has done serious damage to this country with their entitlement demands.  In the last 20 years these people have been breeding continually and spreading their entitlement demands at an alarming rate, so much so we have the first socialist president in this country’s history.  I imagine the founding fathers are shaking their heads in shame.  I fear for my children what this county is becoming.

MAJ Wolf

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